About “Baby doppelganger [Stelena]”

Hi guys!

My daughter has serious health problems / complications…  I need to press the pause button in Life and spend more time with her. That’s why I have to stop creating videos for some time. I know how much you love "Baby doppelganger" and trust me, that makes me feel extremely sad.

I hope you understand me and  you’re not mad at me for making this decision. Life is too short and I don’t want to miss opportunities to spend more time with my baby girl and focus on what I can do RIGHT NOW to help her.

I I want to tell you “THANK YOU" for your kindness but it doesn’t seem enough. Words don’t seem sufficient… I have deep feelings about your generous hearts. You’re all special, I will not soon forget. It is a privilege and a pleasure to know you on youtube, tumblr,etc. You touched my life with your kindness.

It’s not the end of “baby doppelganger”. I’ll make more videos when my life will be a little less complicated… ;)

 If you want to follow me on twitter -> @totornenel   I’ll be glad to follow you too, and read you and send you tweets :)

And remember that Life is too short to be anything but happy!

Hugs and kisses to all of you !



Baby doppelganger [Stelena] - PART 70 -

A little cute episode to celebrate the return of The Vampire Diaries


Hi, guys ! :)
I hope you all are doing well !
Sorry that I didn´t post a new episode earlier. As you know, my baby girl underwent epilepsy surgery so sorry for taking so long to create the new episode.  Here it comes !
THANK YOU for all your support and your kind words. That means a lot to me.  All of you are adorable. Thank you just isn’t enough ! <3
I lacked imagination and had no good ideas so I want to thank my friends Audrey, Lise, Caro, Adeline, Valérie and Nath for helping me create “baby doppelganger [Stelena]”.
I hope you like this new video! 
We dedicate this episode to Juliette who loved this fanfiction. She died of leukemia 2 weeks ago…
Some of you are fighting a disease and I’m always touched by your messages. You all are the reason why Stefan plays a doctor. May he give you strength, courage and comfort… STAY STRONG !
PS : I’m trying to learn english but please forgive my writing mistakes. ;)

Created by Lise (Thank you so much!)

Created by Lise (Thank you so much!)

Hey guys
did you notice that before?

Hey guys

did you notice that before?

★  …::: NEW :::…★ 

BIG EPIC episode to THANK YOU for 1000 suscribers on Youtube !!! ♥ ♥ ♥